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RE: Cygwin: environ problem

> Andrej wrote:
> > We _could_try_ to directly manipulate __cygwin_environ, but I do not
> > like it - who knows, where and how it is used. BTW comments
> imply, that
> > DLLs should actually refer to __cygwin_environ :-)
> Without some major rewriting, we may have to: the
> export-related machinery
> assumes it has direct control of the (new) environment's
> memory.  This is
> certainly a contender for the problems people have been
> seeing.  Strange it
> usually works, though.

Can you garantee, that no internal libc function and no module will ever
use putenv()? In this case it will happily realloc() environment, thus
getting it out of zsh control again. Oh, even worse, it will try to
realloc() memory, allocated by Zsh. Oops.

BTW the same argument holds for Unix as well.

What's wrong with using "standard" environment?

> Is there any chance this could be network-related?

You mean completion speed? Very probable. But in this case my primary
concern is that I cannot see russian filenames :-) I can live with
completion as is.


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