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Re: Bug or feature?

On Jul 28,  7:30pm, Juhapekka Tolvanen wrote:
} % zsh --version

Hmm, I'm a little surprised that zsh silently ignored that.  I believe
it's treating it the same as `--' (end of options).  Zsh is not a GNU
package and doesn't understand any "long options".

} http://www.math.fu-berlin.de/user/guckes/version/

Sven's a good guy, but I think he's misguided in this case.  (It also
hadn't stopped him from being a zsh user, last time I talked to him.)

Furthermore, zsh attempts to give a reasonable impersonation of a number
of older standard shells, none of which would do what Sven wants when
given --version as an argument.

I also note:

zagzig[265] bash --version
bash: --: bad option

Given that `--' is a perfectly good option on its own, it's pretty clear
that bash is treating `--version' as `-' followed by eight individual
single-letter options.

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