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PATCH: Cygwin - second go.

This patch hopefully makes both dynamic and static compilation under Cygwin
possible again (at least, I tried both under Unix and under Cygwin). The main
changes are:

- almost all dependencies are now in configure.in; it defines MOD_EXPORT,
MOD_IMPORT_VARIABLE and MOD_IMPORT_FUNCTION that are put by mkmakemod.sh into
*.mdh files

- dllwrap is now using --export-all-symbols. Else the problem with setup_, etc
became just way too messy and I did not have enough guts :-) It means, that
missing mod_export's won't be noticed anymore.

- I removed --dllname. It does not appear to do what I expected and I wait
some clarification (hopefully) from Cygwin list. (I was afraid, that if we
have two modules foo1/bar.dll and foo2/bar.dll system may not like it. But
dllname does not appear to be used for imported name resolution - or I do not
know how to do it).

Question - should I remove --export-all-symbols? With this option cygwin
becomes so much like a Unix, that I was even tempted to remove special case
from configure.in :>-)


Have a nice DOS!
B >>

P.S. Post-1.1.4 cygwin appears to be broken to the extent, that multios hangs
and CPU load goes high. Just to warn you :-)

P.P.S. I compiled in the Peter's icon. Wow! At least, now I really see where
is my Zsh shortcut :-)) Probably, we could post the question to zsh-users or
even c.u.s. But icon is pretty usable as is already!

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