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Re: PATCH: Cygwin - second go.

On Aug 14,  9:54pm, Andrej Borsenkow wrote:
} Subject: PATCH: Cygwin - second go.
} This patch hopefully makes both dynamic and static compilation under Cygwin
} possible again (at least, I tried both under Unix and under Cygwin).

Seems to compile OK on linux, I'll commit the patch.

I just noticed, however that under autoconf 2.13 the definion of AC_CYGWIN
doesn't work right if you follow it with a `dnl' directive.  It ends up
merging with the expansion of AC_EXEEXT that follows it, so a configure
script generated from autoconf 2.13 won't ever set CYGWIN=yes properly.

The solution is either to remove the `dnl' comment from the line with
the AC_CYGWIN call, or simply to put a blank line after it, which is
what I did.

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