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Re: Sourceforge development account

> I managed to compile OpenSSH with SOCKS and get connection to
> zsh.sourceforge.net (I do not care, if sshd really works in this case).
> So a couple of questions:
> - can anybody add me to list of developers? Account on SourceForge is `bor',
> id  64334


> - can I login to zsh.sourceforge.net under my normal SourceForge account? Do 
> I
> use password authentication or public key? The same, of course, for CVS?

You can use the password you requested when setting up your account, just
so long as you use ssh to login.  You can arrange to turn on public key
encryption in the usual ssh way, if you prefer.  Authentication will be
performed identically for CVS, since they're both going the same route.

Peter Stephenson <pws@xxxxxxx>
Cambridge Silicon Radio, Unit 300, Science Park, Milton Road,
Cambridge, CB4 0XL, UK                          Tel: +44 (0)1223 392070

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