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Re: two sets of modules under /usr/local/lib/zsh ?

On Sep 8, 11:48pm, Will Day wrote:
} And I guess I'm wondering, if these are only for backwards compatibility,
} (a) do I need them, if I never used paths for modules anywhere

What do you mean by "I never used paths for modules anywhere" ?

If you mean "I used modules, but never by their paths" then if you don't
have the alias modules you'll have to change your startup files or any
other places where you used modules, to use the zsh/modulename form.
You'll eventually need to do that anyway, though, because as Zefram said
the alias module files went away in 3.1.9-dev-5, replaced by an internal
aliasing mechanism ("zmodload -A").

If you mean "I never used the zmodload command" then you don't need them.

} Also, I guess I'm a little curious about it all, since the new path:
}    /usr/local/zsh/3.1.9/zsh/cap.so
} seems a little unnecessarily redundant, with two "zsh"'s in there.

It's an attempt to be forward-looking, so that other modules that are
not part of the zsh "package" can be distrubuted under separate module
hierarchies, but all live under /usr/<whatever>/zsh/<version>/.

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