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RE: NCR compiler problems on NCR

> Andrej Borsenkow wrote:
> >
> > >
> > > I'm trying to make some use of an old NCR machine but I am having
> > > some trouble
> > > compiling Zsh with the native compiler. The configure script works
> > > out that there
> > > is a 64 bit type of long long and so zlong is defined as such.
> > Try to run zsh's configure with --disable-lfs. See --help output if I
> > misspelled it. It should prevent Zsh from searching for 64 bit
> type _unless_
> > your system happens to have 64-bit off_t or ino_t.
> That works, thanx a lot! Perhaps this should be added to Etc/MACHINES?

Better yet is a configure check that compiler can cast long long to int. As
long as you are the only person who can reproduce it - would you mind to write
a patch? Or at least would you take time to check if it works?

The relevant part is zsh_64_BIT_TYPE macro in aczsh.m4. Currently it just
checks that sizeof(long long) == 8; it is trivial to add one more check if it
can cast value to int.



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