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Re: NCR compiler problems on NCR

Andrej Borsenkow wrote:

> Better yet is a configure check that compiler can cast long long to int. As
> long as you are the only person who can reproduce it - would you mind to write
> a patch? Or at least would you take time to check if it works?

OK here's a patch that causes configure to not use long long with my broken NCR
compiler. Now ./configure works straight out of the box on this machine.

*** zsh/aczsh.m4-orig	Wed Sep  6 16:50:16 2000
--- zsh/aczsh.m4	Wed Oct 11 11:27:18 2000
*** 84,89 ****
--- 84,90 ----
  dnl   Sets the variable given in the second argument to the first argument
  dnl   if the test worked, `no' otherwise.  Be careful testing this, as it
  dnl   may produce two words `long long' on an unquoted substitution.
+ dnl   Also check that the compiler does not mind it being cast to int.
  dnl   This macro does not produce messages as it may be run several times
  dnl   before finding the right type.
*** 97,102 ****
--- 98,104 ----
    $1 foo = 0;
+   int bar = (int) foo;
    return sizeof($1) != 8;
  ], $2="$1", $2=no,

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