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RE: problems with 3.1.9 on cygwin

> Hello,
> So I just noticed that 3.1.9 is advertised to work under cygwin...
> but is it supposed to work *well* yet?
> I notice that "echo *" seems to only ever yield "no matches found".

mw1g017@MW1G17C% echo *
DocReader.exe ctags.exe docreader.ini gvim.exe iSiloC32.exe runzsh.bat
t~ vimrun.exe xxd.exe

> And there seems to be a bug where setting (but not exporting) a
> variable in one script and 'source'ing another does not result in the
> second script seeing that variable.  But I've not been able to
> reproduce this with a succinct example.

mw1g017@MW1G17C% cat foo.zsh

source /tmp/bar.zsh
mw1g017@MW1G17C% cat bar.zsh

echo $foo
mw1g017@MW1G17C% source foo.zsh

Could you provide example of script that exibits an error?

> Can someone fill me in on the state of cygwin support?

Well, I cannot comment on stock 3.1.9 at all. Current CVS version does work;
3.1.9-dev-6 should work OOTB if you have recent enough Cygwin version (with
one minor problem). I use (and ported it :-) under cygwin-1.1.4 and

I must admint, I do not spend much time in Zsh under Cygwin, but almost all
regression tests passed (failed are related to unsupported features).


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