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RE: problems with 3.1.9 on cygwin

Hi Andrej,

Sorry for the false alarm, after upgrading cygwin (from b20,
embarrassingly enough) zsh works great...

Thanks so much for your efforts porting zsh to cygwin, I use windows
as little as possible but several people I work with do, and they will
certainly appreciate it, as will I whenever I'm helping one of them
out!  I guess now "bash" is completely without reason to exist...


>>>>> Andrej Borsenkow <Andrej.Borsenkow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> Hello,
>> So I just noticed that 3.1.9 is advertised to work under cygwin...
>> but is it supposed to work *well* yet?
>> I notice that "echo *" seems to only ever yield "no matches found".

> mw1g017@MW1G17C% echo *
> DocReader.exe ctags.exe docreader.ini gvim.exe iSiloC32.exe runzsh.bat
> runzsh.ba
> t~ vimrun.exe xxd.exe

>> And there seems to be a bug where setting (but not exporting) a
>> variable in one script and 'source'ing another does not result in the
>> second script seeing that variable.  But I've not been able to
>> reproduce this with a succinct example.

> mw1g017@MW1G17C% cat foo.zsh
> #!/bin/zsh

> foo=1234
> source /tmp/bar.zsh
> mw1g017@MW1G17C% cat bar.zsh
> #!/bin/zsh.exe

> echo $foo
> mw1g017@MW1G17C% source foo.zsh
> 1234

> Could you provide example of script that exibits an error?

>> Can someone fill me in on the state of cygwin support?

> Well, I cannot comment on stock 3.1.9 at all. Current CVS version does work;
> 3.1.9-dev-6 should work OOTB if you have recent enough Cygwin version (with
> one minor problem). I use (and ported it :-) under cygwin-1.1.4 and
> binutils-20000722-1.

> I must admint, I do not spend much time in Zsh under Cygwin, but almost all
> regression tests passed (failed are related to unsupported features).

> -andrej

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