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zsh 3.1.9 problem debugging linux threads

Sorry if this is a known problem.  I didn't see any mention in the FAQ
or the known bugs list.

I cannot debug threaded programs under Linux RH6.2 with gdb:

	> gdb a.out
	GNU gdb 19991004
	(gdb) run
	Starting program: 	
	zsh: 30840 suspended (tty output)  gdb intel_redhat_6_2/cmd
        Exit 22
	> fg
        [1]  - continued  gdb intel_redhat_6_2/cmd
        [New Thread 30841 (initial thread)]
        [New Thread 30846]

        Program received signal SIGTTOU, Stopped (tty output).
        0x4011ab14 in __libc_write () from /lib/libc.so.6

Gdb suspends itself without any keystrokes from mine.  If I log in under
another shell, I have no problems.  Wierd huh?  Thought sure I had a
kernel, egcs, libc, gdb, etc. problem but no.  Definately a problem with
zsh 3.1.6 + 3.1.9.

I'm guessing that zsh is trapping the signals that are generated by the
the pthreads library calls under linux.

Please send me mail with ideas on how to fix this.  Thanks.
Gray Watson <gwatson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author