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Re: zsh 3.1.9 problem debugging linux threads

For the record:

On Oct 12,  4:43pm, Gray Watson wrote:
} I cannot debug threaded programs under Linux RH6.2 with gdb:
}         Program received signal SIGTTOU, Stopped (tty output).
}         0x4011ab14 in __libc_write () from /lib/libc.so.6
} Gdb suspends itself without any keystrokes from mine.  If I log in under
} another shell, I have no problems.  Wierd huh?

I've been trading some private mail with Gray, and this problem turns out
to be a gdb issue rather than a zsh issue.  The reason that zsh was the
only shell exhibiting the behavior had to do with "stty tostop" combined
with some confusion over "ttyctl -f".  Gdb exhibits the same behavior in
bash if "stty tostop" is in effect.

I've suggested that Gray report this to the gdb bug list.

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