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Re: Zsh 3.1.9 on HP-UX 10.20/11.0

On Oct 18, Bart Schaefer wrote:
> It sounds as though the terminal description (terminfo or termcap)
> doesn't have the correct codes for some cursor motions.  Both of the
> symptoms you described could be explained if zsh were emitting the wrong
> code for "move cursor left" and then emitting either spaces (to cover up
> one character) or clear-to-EOL (for ^U).  A simple "typescript" capture
> of a brief session would show what's being emitted by ZLE.

Script started on Wed Oct 18 13:24:39 2000
^[]0;phpw0019 ~^G^Mphpw0019 ~# asdfasdf^M^M
zsh: command not found: asdfasdf^M
^[]0;phpw0019 ~^G^Mphpw0019 ~# ^G^G    ^G^G^G^G^M^M
^[]0;phpw0019 ~^G^Mphpw0019 ~# ^M^M

script done on Wed Oct 18 13:24:48 2000

It appears that ^G is being emitted instead of ^H.

> Are you sure zsh is successfully reading that database on both platforms?
> HP-UX probably has some utilitity equivalent to "strace" ("truss" on Sun)
> that would let you examine the system calls to see which terminfo files
> are actually being opened.

I did a truss on "vim /etc/passwd", and I see:

open("/fs17/a/olsenc/.terminfo/x/xterm", O_RDONLY, 03) = 4


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