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RE: still confused about completion and matching

                           The single remaining command I used to have a
> programmable completion for in tcsh that I don't in zsh is smbclient.
> I plan to eventually write a completion function for smbclient and
> submit it.  This should be much simpler than this _path_files stuff,
> especially if I read Etc/completion-style-guide.

Good move I say. Well, look at the _arguments, it should be enough. There are
plenty of examples - most of completion functions now-a-days are implemented
using this great tool. The only problem I forsee is, that smbclient has
options after arguments (at least, that is how they are listed in man pages).
_arguments normally expect reverse order.

But I do not know, if smbclient really requires it, and am too lazy to look in
sources :-)

Also, if you could send comments (or even patches) for _arguments
documentation ...

Of course, completing server and share names is a bit demanding ... but it is
well possible in Zsh.


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