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Re: still confused about completion and matching

>   >			      The single remaining command I used to have a
>   > programmable completion for in tcsh that I don't in zsh is smbclient.
>   > I plan to eventually write a completion function for smbclient and
>   > submit it.  This should be much simpler than this _path_files stuff,
>   > especially if I read Etc/completion-style-guide.
>   >
>   Good move I say. Well, look at the _arguments, it should be
>   enough. There are plenty of examples - most of completion functions
>   now-a-days are implemented using this great tool. The only problem
>   I forsee is, that smbclient has options after arguments (at least,
>   that is how they are listed in man pages).  _arguments normally
>   expect reverse order.
>   But I do not know, if smbclient really requires it, and am too lazy
>   to look in sources :-)

I don't think it's really true.... I've never had anything odd about
smbclient's argument ordering.  I was going to use cvs as a model
since it is smart enough to use cvs with some of the existing
arguments to get the module list.  The same type of idea could be used
do completion for share names once the server has been specified.

I'll use this as incentive to get my current project finished -- my
reward will be letting myself play with zsh completion functions. :-)
It will probably be at least a week before I can start it.

>   Also, if you could send comments (or even patches) for _arguments
>   documentation ...

You can count on it!  Once I get up to a certain level of competence
I'd like to do a thorough cover-to-cover read of the zsh documentation
with red pen in hand.  (I'll probably print the .yo files directly --
easier to generate patches and make comments that way.  Besides, I've
been considering whether to use yodl for some of my own documentation.
This way I could find out whether I like it or not. :-]) I have
written enough documentation to know how important it is to have a
fresh set of eyes read it.  One eventually becomes immune to errors in
one's own writing. :-) I don't know when I'll get to this but
hopefully before the next non-development release which I guess is
supposed to be 4.0?

>   Of course, completing server and share names is a bit demanding
>   ... but it is well possible in Zsh.

See above.  Thanks.

E. Jay Berkenbilt (ejb@xxxxxx)  |  http://www.ql.org/q/

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