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Re: zsh-3.1.9-dev-6 crashes occassionally

On Oct 31,  1:51pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} Subject: Re: zsh-3.1.9-dev-6 crashes occassionally
} Sven wrote:
} > +	    while ((r = read(SHTTY, &cc, 1)) != 1) {
} I suppose you've thought this through more than I have, but wouldn't it be
} safer just to run traps every time the read returns?  I'm assuming a signal
} arriving will interrupt the read in any case, so as far as I can see it's
} pretty much equivalent in practise.

On Oct 31,  3:01pm, Sven Wischnowsky wrote:
} Unless someone knows of a system where signals don't interrupt things
} like read.

Ever heard of BSD restartable system calls?

Signals don't always interrupt things like read.  On systems that have
the sigaction() interface, you can choose to turn restartable-ness on and
off, but on an older BSD system the only way out of a system call from a
signal handler is with setjmp/longjmp.  That's what I was talking about
before in my last message.  (I haven't used a modern openbsd/freebsd system,
so it may not be an issue there any longer.)

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