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Re: [4.0.2 bug] commands not written to history

On Jul 22,  1:43am, Vincent Lefevre wrote:
} Yes, I'm sure that the command has exited. But is it important in my
} case? Commands are written to the history before they start.

Er, right.  I'm confusing what happens when the history is written at
exit with what happens on incremental append.

} BTW, a problem could be (but I don't think it is this problem here)

That's one thing I'm hoping all those different shells' history dumps
will tell us.

} because I ignore immediate dups:
} Shell 1: true a
} Shell 2: true b
} Shell 1: true a
} Shell 1: true c
} Though after the last "true a", "true c" has been typed immediately
} after it, the HISTFILE contains
} true a
} true b
} true c
} Is it possible to have immediate dups in the HISTFILE, but not in
} the shell history?

Not for duplicates occurring in the same shell.  That is, you might get
two `true a' in a row written out by different shells -- though they'd
collapse to one when the $HISTFILE exceeded $SAVEHIST lines by a large
enough margin to cause zsh to re-read/write it -- but in any given shell,
the duplicate is thrown away before the check for unsaved commands is

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