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Re: Enhanced shell standard. summary

On Jul 29, 11:11pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} Subject: Enhanced shell standard. summary
} ... here's a summary of proposals ... --- I didn't want to go over
} the top, but have included a few things mentioned by other people that
} they seemed to be particularly keen on, even if I have doubts they're
} suitable for standardisation.

Part of the point about a number of the things that were mentioned was
not that they're suitable for standardization, but that they should be
kept in mind so that the standard at least doesn't conflict with them.

I don't see any significant omissions or mis-inclusions on your list as
strictly a list of the things that might be standardi[sz]able.

} I don't want this preliminary round to drag on much longer since until
} the people from the other shell have commented it's a bit of a moot
} discussion.     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

I don't want it to drag on either, but because I think we need to send
off our list to DK et al. as soon as possible.  Either the ball is not
rolling, or it's rolling where we can't see it.

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