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Re: Enhanced shell standard. summary

Bart Schaefer wrote:
> } I don't want this preliminary round to drag on much longer since until
> } the people from the other shell have commented it's a bit of a moot
> } discussion.     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>                       Plural?
> I don't want it to drag on either, but because I think we need to send
> off our list to DK et al. as soon as possible.  Either the ball is not
> rolling, or it's rolling where we can't see it.

That was pretty much what I was saying.  Here's the list I sent.  I've
simply removed stuff we can't really agree on ourselves.  It turned out
$LOGNAME is already mentioned in the single UNIX spec, so I deleted the

builtins: disown, builtin, suspend, pushd, whence, typeset, declare
[[ ... ]]
process substitution, at least <<(...)
** math power operator
cd takes care of symlinks, optionally resolves linkso
-l option to shell for login
some form of enhanced pattern matching, e.g. like ksh88.
Use of $-expansion in prompts to be standard

emulate <name-indicating-enhanced-shell-standard>
autoload -U, NO_ALIASES option
functionality of precmd, chpwd, periodic, but with cleaner interface
${+foo} to check whether set
coproc keyword (as |& is quite useful as a csh-like abbreviation)
{0..10} => 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
glob qualifiers e.g. *(.) => all regular files
** recursive search
version of enhanced shell spec available maybe via namespace
functionality associated with disable/enable for builtins --- but name clash
repeat loop (repeat 10; do print hello; done)
standardisation of basic key bindings [need list of these]
-L options to may builtins to list in form for input to shell
  [or make this defined behaviour for builtins --- will need option in zsh
  for compatibility]
`=cmdname' expands to full path to command cmdname.

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