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Re: Shell exits on bad coproc redirection

Bart Schaefer wrote:
> The problem seems to be a combination of these two items (ChangeLog-3.1):
> 1999-10-10  Bart Schaefer  <schaefer@xxxxxxx>
>         * Src/exec.c: Plug lead of a copy of the coproc input descriptor.
> (ahem, that should say "leak").
> Sun May 18 18:57:08 1997  Zolt<E1>n Hidv<E9>gi  <hzoli@xxxxxxxxxx>
>         * Src/builtin.c, Src/exec.c, Src/init.c, Src/signals.c, Src/jobs.c:
>           Do not handle SIGPIPE specially for shells with job control
> Anybody remember why we stopped handling SIGPIPE?  Is Zoltan still out there
> anywhere?

Presumably that's the root of the near-discussion we had just before the
last release:

>> There's the SIGPIPE issue from 12223 (only partly fixed by 12222?).
> I haven't thought about this since, but after jogging my memory by reading
> 12223, 12222 is good enough for the real problem, and the rest was just my
> paranoia.  The issue was that if a `tee' spawned by a multio exits early,
> the parent shell will get SIGPIPE and exit, too; but that's probably not a
> bug.

Multios and coprocs are pretty similar in this respect.  I'm not
particularly attached to `probably not a bug'; I would probably trade it in
for `seems to reflect the current intention of the code' in return for a go
on your playstation.

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