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Re: List of completion functions

Le jeu 13 septembre, Borsenkow Andrej a écrit :
> > 
> > I'm start to write new completion functions, and i want to
> > know if there is a list of existent functions.
> > 
> Some of them (mostly utility functions that are useful in building your
> own) are described in manual, Completion system. Man zshcompsys or
> info->Completion System.

> If you want to write completion for some command, I recommend look at
> _arguments (documentation may be better, sigh). It allows describing
> options and arguments in simple table form without almost any shell
> code. Else look in zsh source tree, Completion/*.

I've already start to write functions (like gpg, pon,...) but thank you
for your help !!

> -andrej 

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