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Re: expand style `suffix' option

Peter Stephenson wrote:

> ...
> First off, I assumed I could do
>   zstyle ':completion:*' expand 'prefix suffix'
> but a look at the code reveals this has to be
>   zstyle ':completion:*' expand prefix suffix
> so `contains the string' could be made a little clearer.


> When it does seem to be on, I would expect
>   ~/b/b<TAB>
> to list or cycle through all files ~/b*/b* when menu completion is in use,
> but it doesn't. 

Well, it says (or tries to say) that this suff-behaviour is only done
when not using menu-completion. I think we either had a discussion or
I thought that people using menu-completion wouldn't want to be
bothered with looong lists.

But anyway, that style appears to be broken (both prefix and
suffix). I seem to have a fix for the suffix thing now (it was broken
when list-suffixes was added, I think) and I know what's the problem
for the prefix part (compfiles building the pattern, so that
_path_files doesn't have the original anymore and doesn't add it to
$exppaths). I'll look into this tomorrow or next week.

Restoring those things would still not make it work with menu
completion, though (the suffix thing), but that could be added. Should 


Sven Wischnowsky                    wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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