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Re: expand style `suffix' option

Sven Wischnowsky wrote:
> > When it does seem to be on, I would expect
> >   ~/b/b<TAB>
> > to list or cycle through all files ~/b*/b* when menu completion is in use,
> > but it doesn't. 
> Well, it says (or tries to say) that this suff-behaviour is only done
> when not using menu-completion. I think we either had a discussion or
> I thought that people using menu-completion wouldn't want to be
> bothered with looong lists.
> Restoring those things would still not make it work with menu
> completion, though (the suffix thing), but that could be added. Should 
> we?

OK, I suppose the manual is saying it works if menu completion is started
afterwards, but not if it's already in effect.

Since the `suffix' behaviour is selectable completely separately from
anything else, I can't think of a good reason why the setting shouldn't
simply be respected.  If you don't want it with menu completion you can
simply not turn it on.

Tying settings together is really another problem entirely.  If we want
some more general way of grouping --- set a whole load of styles all
together - we can probably write a function suite that does it, e.g.
  % zselect -v my_menu_styles
  Turning on option `menuselect'
  Changing style `expand' from `prefix suffix' to `prefix'
However, it's not that trivial when you take contexts into account
(compinstall has basically side-stepped this issue and while it handles
contexts, you have to select them by hand).

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