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Re: zsh 4.0.2 (powerpc-apple-darwin1.4)

Geoff Wing wrote:
> Maybe this bit of zshconfig.ac needs to be pulled into zsh-4 branch.
> -------------------- snip from zshconfig.ac --------------------
> if test -n "$auto_ldflags"; then
>   case "${enable_zsh_debug}$host_os" in
>     yesaix*|yeshpux*|yesnetbsd*|yesopenbsd*) ;;  # "ld -g" is not valid on these systems
>     darwin*) LDFLAGS=-Wl,-x ;;
>     yes*)    LDFLAGS=-g ;;
>     *)       LDFLAGS=-s ;;
>   esac
> fi
> ----------------------------------------------------------------

Yes it does. Sorry, that was me just being slow to update it on the
stable branch.

It isn't the case here but with some of the completion functions for
example, the files are still identical on both branches. Is it possible
to commit it as normal on the 4.1 branch and then just update the tag
for the stable branch to the new file instead of copying and committing
on the stable branch.


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