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Re: About MODDIR (again...)

Ra?l N??ez de Arenas Coronado wrote:
>    I've downloaded and tested zsh 4.0.3, and I have the
>same suggestion: is really needed to install modules onto
>/usr/lib/zsh/4.0.3/zsh/? For me it has no sense: /usr/lib/zsh
>is empty except for directory '4.0.3'. But this directory is
>empty too. It only contains 'zsh', which contains the modules.

All zsh files go under /usr/lib/zsh.  The /usr/lib part is configurable
using the --libdir option to configure.

The version number is in there to avoid the serious problems that
would result from having two different versions sharing modules (which
wouldn't work).  Even if you only have one version installed at a time,
the separate directories are necessary during an upgrade.  If you *really*
don't need the version tag, it is possible to modify zsh not to use it;
if you know enough to know that you don't need the version tag then you'll
know enough to be able to work out how to do it.  If you don't know your
system that well then you'll probably run into trouble from dropping the
version tag; this is why we don't make it easy or provide instructions.

The final "zsh" component is part of the hierarchical module name system.
There is, for example, no "files" module any more, there's a "zsh/files"
module.  Third-party modules would go into a different directory, under
the version directory and alongside the "zsh" directory.


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