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About MODDIR (again...)

    Hello all :))

    I've downloaded and tested zsh 4.0.3, and I have the
same suggestion: is really needed to install modules onto
/usr/lib/zsh/4.0.3/zsh/? For me it has no sense: /usr/lib/zsh
is empty except for directory '4.0.3'. But this directory is
empty too. It only contains 'zsh', which contains the modules.

    Is necessary such a long hierarchy just for keeping the modules.
At least the last 'zsh' is not needed (IMHO), and the version number
should be made optional for systems with just one version of zsh
installed. For removing the last 'zsh' only a few makefiles need to
be edited, and for the rest... Well, if MODDIR could be chosen thru
the 'configure' script, all this matter will vanish.

    Why is it hardcoded? I don't know :? Will I really break
something if I replace MODDIR by hand? Please let me know...

    Please excuse me asking again the same, but I really don't like
not having control over where my packages deploy its files ;))))

    And thanks again for a new version of Zsh. You're great :)))


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author