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RE: About MODDIR (again...)

>     I've downloaded and tested zsh 4.0.3, and I have the
> same suggestion: is really needed to install modules onto
> /usr/lib/zsh/4.0.3/zsh/? For me it has no sense: /usr/lib/zsh
> is empty except for directory '4.0.3'. But this directory is
> empty too. It only contains 'zsh', which contains the modules.

Modules are installed into /usr/lib/zsh/$ZSH_VERSION. The modules names
are zsh/foo.

Not that I believe we ever get another top-level name part (given
interpretation of Zefram).

>     Is necessary such a long hierarchy just for keeping the modules.
> At least the last 'zsh' is not needed (IMHO), 

It is part of module name. You must have module as zsh/complist inside
of directory in $MODULE_PATH else it won't be found.

and the version number
> should be made optional for systems with just one version of zsh
> installed. For removing the last 'zsh' only a few makefiles need to
> be edited,

No. Much more needs to be edited because Zsh modules are referred to as
zsh/something in many places.

 and for the rest... Well, if MODDIR could be chosen thru
> the 'configure' script, all this matter will vanish.
>     Why is it hardcoded? 

It is not hardcoded. I think, it was explained once already.

It is possible to add --with-moddir=... configure parameter that will
override default $libdir/zsh/$VERSION. The final zsh part cannot be
removed without major redesign and it is not going to happen for 4.0 in
any case.

>     Please excuse me asking again the same, but I really don't like
> not having control over where my packages deploy its files ;))))

You have. Do you request autoconf maintainers to give control ove final
part in  /usr/share/autoconf as example?


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