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Re: Core dump bug in ZSH version 3.0.7

On Nov 12,  1:28pm, Carl Feynman wrote:
} I cut down the offending python code to the following three lines, all
} of which seem to be required to cause the bug:
} if (len(sys.argv) > 1) :
} mask = (1 << string.atoi(sys.argv[1])) - 1
} key = string.atoi(sys.argv[2])

I can reproduce it with just the last two of those lines.

It doesn't crash 4.0.x/4.1.x, but it does get into a rather strange state,
trying to read a here-document whose start/end string is a single space,
which of course is impossible (so you're trapped in the here-document until
you interrupt somehow).

zagzig% mask = (1 << string.atoi(sys.argv[1])) - 1
zsh: parse error near `)'
zagzig% key = string.atoi(sys.argv[2])

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