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Re: PATCH: updated _zstyle and cleanup of related stuff

"Bart Schaefer" wrote:
> See the thread beginning with zsh-workers/15950.

I think we can do (#q) as proposed there, except as I already said, I'd
prefer simply to ignore (#q) where it isn't treated as a glob qualifier,
i.e. gets through to the pattern code, since it means you no longer need to
rewrite glob patterns to test against the filenames, which I consider a
highly desirable feature.  Causing an error if the (#q) gets through to the
pattern code would be fairly simple, however.  Scanning for (#q)'s not at
the end and causing an error in the top-level globbing code instead is the
hack I want to avoid, but I could do it if pushed; then the globbing code
would be safe but the pattern code could still ignore (#q)'s.

The natural rule for bareglobs is that they work if and only if they appear
at the end, if and only if BAREGLOBQUAL is set, so (.)(#q*) is just one
qualifier, but (#q*)(.) is two.  However, I wouldn't recommend combining
the two forms anyway, so I don't think this needs a big discussion, just a
reasonable rule.

The only hairy bit of implementing this is that we'll need an extra level
of logic to handle the logical and of different qualifiers.  As I said, I
don't think the rule of applying them `as if they appeared in a single
list' is rational --- treating (#q/,*)(#qW) as (#q/,*W) doesn't seem to
make sense to me.

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