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Re: Problem with fake-files style and cd

On May 27,  5:16pm, Mikael Magnusson wrote:
} > Of course (as discussed in 8878 and 8880) it would be silly to use
} > the tags to order the completions differently than the way cdpath is
} > used by cd et al.  Hmm, there might be a way with the tags to cause
} > completion to explicitly expand paths (force "$PWD/" in front of the
} > local-directories, for example) to eliminate the ambiguity, but I'm
} > not going to try to figure that out.
} Do you mean in front of the path-directories? cd goes to local
} directories first, and then cdpath.

I meant what I wrote; at first I had "force ./ in front" but then I
realized that "cd ./foo" will in some circumstances change into a
directory $^cdath/./foo(N) so rather than rewrite the whole example
I just changed "." to "$PWD".

I see now that was a false economy and I should have just figured out
how to say "populate path-directories with $^cdpath/*(N)".

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