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Re: [PATCH 2/3] Completion/Unix/Command/_git: fix shortlog completer

On Sat, Apr 27, 2013 at 10:56 AM, Nikolai Weibull <now@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> Anyway, I mostly use Magit now, so I might not be the right maintainer anymore.

This being the case, here’s my TODO items that haven’t been DONE yet:

** Git completion
*** Add return 1 after any _message or _nothing?
*** Add support for url.*.insteadof=* for __git_any_repositories
*** git rm --cached should also complete files in the repository
*** git diff-index doesn’t work for the initial commit for
*** Check that all _alternative options are 'users:: _users', not
'users: :_users' or 'users::_users'
*** Change _arguments * && ret=0 to _arguments * && return 0
*** Change _call_function ret * && ret=0 to _call_function ret * && return ret
*** Use loops when $state may contain multiple items
*** Should we add && ret=0 to _guard and __git_guard_*?
*** Remove _git_command_successful
*** Check all uses of compadd
*** Check all uses of _call_program
*** Add = to all local
*** All commands (more or less) take --help|-h
*** Unify --help description
*** Add _git_arguments for describing argument specifications using
Git’s argument parser
    This will allow us to unify the --help command, any uses of --verbose and
    similar and so on.
*** Decide on terminology for show/display/report
*** A lot of short options should be specified with a + so that they
can take their argument in the same word
*** Tree-ish should bee treeish
*** __git_tags can, for, for example, git verify-tag, be a hexadecimal
object name
    How do we fix that?
*** Use compadd -a array instead of compadd $array
*** Git config ->days should complete __git_datetimes
*** Use __all_labels in tag loop for mergetool
*** Instead of -prefix * use if compset *
    There’s no need to check this twice.
*** OPT_BOOLEAN can be both --blah and --no-blah
    Oh, my, that’s going to be a lot of work.
*** Replace __git_guard_branch-name with __git_branches
    We don’t have _guard_files for _files

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