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Quick local CVS change scan, and bug in read?

I found a couple of hosts where I had CVS checkouts of zsh, where it
is now impossible to use e.g. "cvs diff" or "cvs status" to discover
whether there are any local changes.  So I whipped up the function
below to compare the date stamps on the individual files to the date
recorded for each in CVS/Entries.  I thought some of you might find it
useful.  (One of the few things I'm finding annoying about git is that
a cloned repository doesn't preserve file timestamps.)

In the course of testing/refining this, I discovered that some
CVS/Entries files end with the line "D" with none of the usual
field-separator slashes.  When the "while IFS=/ read ..." loop
encounters such a line, it assigns type=D but leaves name, version,
date, flags, and branch set to their existing values from the previous
loop pass.  I'm pretty sure this is wrong; bash read assigns empty
string to all the "unused" variables in the list.  I had to change
from testing for an empty $date to testing for $type not "D".

Another problem is that the %e format in strftime is supposed to
prefix single-digit dates with a space, but zstat doesn't consistently
do that, which makes the date comparison more difficult than
necessary.  For example, the leading space is present on CentOS 5 for
zsh 4.2.6 and MacOS Lion zsh version 4.3.11, but is missing on Ubuntu
10.04 zsh 4.3.10.  It's also present in a fresh build of
zsh-5.0.2-88-gaa7467b on Unbutu, so I presume this to be some kind of
strange build-specific issue.

compareCVS () {
  emulate -L zsh
  setopt extendedglob
  zmodload -i zsh/stat
  for directory in **/*~(*/)#CVS*(D/)
      cd $directory && if [[ -r CVS/Entries ]]
        while IFS=/ read type name version date flags branch
          if [[ $type != D ]]
            builtin stat -A argv -gF '%a %b %e %T %Y' +mtime $name
            [[ "${date/  / }" != "${1/  / }" ]] && print
$directory/$name ${branch:+"on branch"} ${branch#T} differs
        done < CVS/Entries
        print $directory NOT IN CVS

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