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Re: Quick local CVS change scan, and bug in read?

On 2013-05-18 at 16:24 -0700, Bart Schaefer wrote:
> useful.  (One of the few things I'm finding annoying about git is that
> a cloned repository doesn't preserve file timestamps.)

There's a post-checkout hook in one of the answers on
which might help?

> Another problem is that the %e format in strftime is supposed to
> prefix single-digit dates with a space, but zstat doesn't consistently
> do that, which makes the date comparison more difficult than
> necessary.  For example, the leading space is present on CentOS 5 for
> zsh 4.2.6 and MacOS Lion zsh version 4.3.11, but is missing on Ubuntu
> 10.04 zsh 4.3.10.  It's also present in a fresh build of
> zsh-5.0.2-88-gaa7467b on Unbutu, so I presume this to be some kind of
> strange build-specific issue.

stattimeprint() uses ztrftime() and so should be portable across OSes;
%e is implemented by zsh logic and is very explicit in handling
%providing the space unless you used %-e.

I can see that on *old* builds it would fail; when %-<foo> support was
added in 535afe3b by pws on 2009-Mar-02 [26614 + 26615] it looks like it
made %e always strip the space; then in 506c845b on 2009-Jun-26 it was
fixed with 27057:

+       * Greg Klanderman: 27057: Src/utils.c: %e and %f time formats
+       were swapped.

4.3.10 was 2009-06-01.  4.3.9 was in 2008.  4.3.11 in 2010.

So the only release cut with this bug was 4.3.10.

That seems to match your observations?


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