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Re: please conform to the xdg base directory specification

This is the second "please conform to XDG" thread in the last few months
(last time was users/17726).  I mention this because ...

On Aug 15,  7:54pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} Adding yet more complexity to the initialisation file logic doesn't seem
} a great idea, but one thing that could keep everything more or less
} under control would be to make ZDOTDIR a colon-separated array (and make
} zdotdir an array).

... this suggestion, while fine on its own, does not solve the problem of
bootstrapping the value of ZDOTDIR, so zsh would still not "conform to
XDG."  Unless someone *else* has a good use for a multi-element ZDOTDIR
path, there's no benefit in going down this road.

Unless of course you're proposing a default of zdotdir=(~/.zsh ~) rather
than the current default of unset, a change that has its own set of
potential gotchas.

} We'd need to decide on the rule for multiple directories: use the first
} found, use the first containing initialisation files, use the first file
} of each type found by searching through the path...

I'd prefer "use the first found" so that dotfiles could be disabled by
creating an empty directory.  I don't think "first file found of each
type" is a wise idea, the files in a particular directory are likely to
be related and not necessarily meant to work with files found elsewhere.
"First directory containing" would be OK, but means scanning for all the
files as soon as any of them is needed.

} An empty directory would be equivalent to $HOME.

Is "." or anything containing the quivalent of a leading ".." allowed to
appear?  I tend to think anything not beginning with "/" should just be

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