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Re: [PATCH] helpfiles: Also accept 'UTF-8' as an encoding name.

I tested several locales and found that the only difference in the
generated help docs is the character used for hyphenation (split a word
at the end of a line); ASCII minus (0x2D) if C locale is used, and 
Unicode HYPHEN U+2010 (UTF-8: E2 80 90) if any of UTF-8 locales is used.

LC_CTYPE=C works at least on my Fedora/Debian/Mac OS X, and I think it
is the best and simplest way to go. Having Unicode HYPHEN in otherwise
pure ASCII files may just cause trouble rather than benefit.

2013/11/14 20:11、Martin Vaeth <vaeth@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> System command (cd "/usr/share/man" && (echo ".pl 11i"; \
> /usr/bin/unxz -c '/usr/share/man/man1/zshbuiltins.1.xz') | \
> /usr/bin/gtbl | /usr/bin/nroff -mandoc | \
> /usr/bin/less -+F -LiMXsR --shift 5) exited with status 36096.

Maybe colcrt died unexpectedly, and less got SIGPIPE?

Could you please try modifying the line 101 of helpfiles

unless(open(MANPAGE, '-|', "man $manfile | colcrt -")) {


..., "man $manfile 2>man.log | colcrt - 2>colcrt.log")) {

or even to

…, "man $manfile 2>man.log | tee man.out | colcrt - 2>colcrt.log")) {

and see whether the logfiles (and man.out) contain any useful info.

The charset used by less can come from various places; environment
variables LESSCHASET, LESSCHARDEF and LC_CTYPE, and your $HOME/.lesskey
file (if any).

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