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Re: Bug report

On Dec 17, 11:59am, Patrick Oscity wrote:
} Since other shells like e.g. FISH handle this correctly in the very same
} terminal, maybe there's actually something else broken here?

I suspect that FISH is e.g. using the curses library to manage the entire
screen.  ZLE does not attempt to do this, and we long ago decided that we
have better things to do than to re-invent all the details of full-screen
terminal management when the real purpose of having the line editor is "get
work done more efficiently" not "look pretty".

If someone wants to take on the game of whack-a-terminal that this is very
likely to become, we'll welcome the help ...

} Another odd behavior I noticed
} is that when I set ZLE_RPROMPT_INDENT=0, the first character of any
} completion disappears.

It's quite possible (even very likely) that the completion code makes
assumptions about the prompt code.  If you capture the output with e.g.
"script", you can see that the character actually is printed (in fact,
the whole listing is printed) but then covered up when the completion
code attempts to return the cursor to the line the prompt is on.

This may in fact be another spot in the prompt code that needs to know
that there is no right-indent.  That might actually fix the issue with
scrolling up one line, too, on some terminals.

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