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Re: Bug report

On Dec 15, 18:10,  Bart Schaefer wrote:
> By the way, fiddling with this I discovered that I have one of the
> terminals that scrolls up when anything is written to the bottom right
> corner.  Vanilla "xterm" does this.

In fact, I discovered the same behavior in my terminal (using iTerm2 on
OS X) which somehow defeats the purpose. Another odd behavior I noticed
is that when I set ZLE_RPROMPT_INDENT=0, the first character of any
completion disappears. For example:

$ PS1='$ '
$ ZLE_RPROMPT_INDENT=0                                                     TEST
$ ls                                                                        TEST
 SCOLORS   ls         lsappinfo  lsm        lsvfs
LS_COLORS  lsa        lsbom      lsof

On the last line I entered ls<TAB>. Notice how the first character in the
first line of the suggested completions disappears. As I said, I also
experience the scrolling up by one line.

Since other shells like e.g. FISH handle this correctly in the very same
terminal, maybe there's actually something else broken here? Consider this
session in FISH, where I also typed ls<TAB> on the last input line:

$ function fish_prompt
      echo '$ '
$ function fish_right_prompt                                                TEST
      echo 'TEST'
$ ls                                                                        TEST
lsappinfo  (Control and query CoreApplicationServices about the app state on t…)
lsbom                                              (List contents of a bom file)
lsm                                               (Latent Semantic Mapping tool)
lsof                                                           (List open files)
lsvfs                                          (List known virtual file systems)

It works. If FISH can do it, I believe we can also do it in ZSH, or am I
wrong with this assumption?

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