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Re: [PATCH] jp: fix segfaults during parameter expansion

On Jan 21, 10:28am, Joey Pabalinas wrote:
} When i send updated patches, what's the best format? A new email after
} a separate response mail, or as a single email with the response
} at the bottom (or some other third option, maybe)?

Typically replying below/inline with an edited excerpt of the message
is preferred (as I believe you have been doing) rather than top-posting.
Also generally one explains the patch first and puts the patch at the
bottom, rather than having the patch in the middle of the text, although
there can be common-sense exceptions if there's something about the
code that's easier to explain after it has been seen.

It's not necessary to go back to the start of the thread to respond
separately/directly to that.  Better if the patch comes at the end of
the discussion context that brought it about.

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