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old patches that might have been missed

Checking over mailing list messages that arrived at times when I was
busy with other things, I see there are some patches that didn't get
applied. Without having gone into details, some of the following
seem reasonable enough:

42101, dana: Fix value of $? when used in array assignment
42113, dana: Millisecond and microsecond specifiers for TIMEFMT
42180, dana: Completion segmentation fault
42234/42226, Stephane: kill %jobspec tries to kill dead processes
42297, dana: Fix (e) subscript parameter used in scalar context
42363, Eitan Adler: REPORTMEMORY units

Any thoughts on any of those?

There's also the Inf/NaN changes which I was leaving until after 5.5 was
settled, which I guess it is now.

Finally, there's 42533 that was rejected because it was suggesting
disabling typeset family reserved words in ksh emulation which I
wouldn't think improves compatibility with real ksh. But some subset of
that patch may be reasonable, for sh emulation only.


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author