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[PATCH 01/25] Add variables for all commands and options.

From: Doron Behar <doron.behar@xxxxxxxxx>

 Completion/Unix/Command/_luarocks | 178 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 178 insertions(+)
 create mode 100644 Completion/Unix/Command/_luarocks

diff --git a/Completion/Unix/Command/_luarocks b/Completion/Unix/Command/_luarocks
new file mode 100644
index 000000000..753fdb381
--- /dev/null
+++ b/Completion/Unix/Command/_luarocks
@@ -0,0 +1,178 @@
+#compdef luarocks
+local general_options=(
+	'(--server --only-server)--server=[Fetch rocks/rockspecs from this server]:HOST:_hosts'
+	'(--server --only-server)--only-server=[Fetch rocks/rockspecs from this server only]:HOST:_hosts'
+	'--only-sources=[Restrict downloads to paths matching the given URL]:URL:_urls'
+	'--tree=[Which tree to operate on]:TREE:'
+	'--local[Use the tree in the user'"'"'s home directory]'
+	'--verbose[Display verbose output of commands executed]'
+	'--timeout=[Timeout on network operations]:SECONDS:{_message "timeout (seconds)"}'
+# SYNOPSIS: /usr/bin/luarocks [--server=<server> | --only-server=<server>] [--tree=<tree>] [VAR=VALUE]... <command> [<argument>] 
+local commands=(
+	'build[Build/compile a rock]'
+	'config[Query information about the LuaRocks configuration]'
+	'doc[Show documentation for an installed rock]'
+	'download[Download a specific rock file from a rocks server]'
+	'help[Help on commands]'
+	'install[Install a rock]'
+	'lint[Check syntax of a rockspec]'
+	'list[List currently installed rocks]'
+	'make[Compile package in current directory using a rockspec]'
+	'new_version[Auto-write a rockspec for a new version of a rock]'
+	'pack[Create a rock, packing sources or binaries]'
+	'path[Return the currently configured package path]'
+	'purge[Remove all installed rocks from a tree]'
+	'remove[Uninstall a rock]'
+	'search[Query the LuaRocks servers]'
+	'show[Show information about an installed rock]'
+	'unpack[Unpack the contents of a rock]'
+	'upload[Upload a rockspec to the public rocks repository]'
+	'write_rockspect[Write a template for a rockspec file]'
+# `build` command receives as an argument a .rockspec file, or external rock and afterwards a version
+local make_command_options=(
+	'--pack-binary-rock[Produce a .rock file with the contents of compilation inside the current directory instead of installing it]'
+	'--keep[Do not remove previously installed versions of the rock after building a new one]'
+	'--branch=[Override the `source.branch` field in the loaded rockspec]:NAME:{_message "branch name"}'
+local option_deps_mode='--deps-mode=[How to handle dependencies. Four modes are supported:MODE:_luarocks_build_deps_mode'
+local build_command_options=(
+	"${make_command_options[@]}"
+	'--only-deps[Installs only the dependencies of the rock]'
+	$option_deps_mode
+	local modes=(
+		'all:use all trees from the rocks_trees list for finding dependencies'
+		'one:use only the current tree (possibly set with --tree)'
+		'order:use trees based on order (use the current tree and all trees below it on the rocks_trees list)'
+		'none:ignore dependencies altogether'
+	)
+	_describe 'dependencies mode' modes
+# `config` command sets a flag in the format VAR=VALUE
+local config_command_options=(
+	'--lua-incdir[Path to Lua header files]'
+	'--lua-libdir[Path to Lua library files]'
+	'--lua-ver[Lua version (in major.minor format)]'
+	'--system-config[Location of the system config file]'
+	'--user-config[Location of the user config file]'
+	'--rock-trees[Rocks trees in useFirst the user tree, then the system tree]'
+# `doc` command ... TODO: what kind of argument it receives
+local doc_command_options=(
+	'--home[Open the home page of project]'
+	'--list[List documentation files only]'
+# `download` command receives an argument of an external only rockspec
+local download_command_options=(
+	'--all[Download all files if there are multiple matches]'
+	'--source[Download .src.rock if available]'
+	'--rockspec[Download .rockspec if available]'
+	'--arch=[Download rock for a specific architecture]:ARCH:_luarocks_architecture'
+# `help` command receives an argument of an internal command
+# `install` command receives the same argument as the build command and it accepts the same options as well
+# `lint` command receives an argument of a rockspec file
+# `list` command receives only options
+local list_command_options=(
+	'--outdated[List only rocks for which there is a higher version available in the rocks server]'
+	'--porcelain[Produce machine-friendly output]'
+# `make` command receives an argument of a rockspec file
+# it's options were already described above.
+# `new_version` command receives an argument a .rockspec file, or external rock and afterwards a version and optionally afterwards a URL
+local new_version_command_options=(
+	'--tag=[if no version is specified, this option'"'"'s argument is used instead]:TAG:__git_tag'
+# `pack` command receives as an argument a .rockspec file, or external rock and afterwards a version
+# `path` command receives only options
+local path_command_options=(
+	'--bin[Adds the system path to the output]'
+	'--append[Appends the paths to the existing paths]'
+	'--lr-path[Exports the Lua path (not formatted as shell command)]'
+	'--lr-cpath[Exports the Lua cpath (not formatted as shell command)]'
+	'--lr-bin[Exports the system path (not formatted as shell command)]'
+# `purge` command receives only options, --tree is mandatory, --force can be used only in conjunction with --old-versions
+local option_force='--force[Force removing old versions when]'
+local purge_command_options=(
+	'--old-versions[Keep the highest-numbered version of each rock and remove the other ones]'
+	$option_force
+# `remove` command receives as an argument a name of a locally installed rock
+local option_force_fast='--force-fast[works like --force but doesn'"'"'t reports forced removals]'
+local remove_command_options=(
+	$option_deps_mode
+	$option_force
+	$option_force_fast
+# `search` command receives as an argument only a string as a search query
+local search_command_options=(
+	'--source[Return only rockspecs and source rocks]'
+	'--binary[Return only pure Lua and binary rocks (rocks that can be used with the "install" command without requiring a C toolchain)]'
+	'--all[List all contents of the server that are suitable to this platform, do not filter by name]'
+# `show` command receives as an argument only an installed rock
+local show_command_options=(
+	'--home[home page of project]'
+	'--modules[all modules provided by this package as used by require()]'
+	'--deps[packages this package depends on]'
+	'--rockspec[the full path of the rockspec file]'
+	'--mversion[the package version]'
+	'--rock-tree[local tree where rock is installed]'
+	'--rock-dir[data directory of the installed rock]'
+# `unpack` command receives as an argument a rock package or an external rock and afterwards a version
+local unpack_command_options=(
+	'--force[Unpack files even if the output directory already exists]'
+# `upload` command receives as an argument a rockspec file with .src.rock extension
+local upload_command_options=(
+	'--skip-pack[Do not pack and send source rock]'
+	'--api-key=[Give it an API key]:KEY:{_message "api key"}'
+	'--force[Replace existing rockspec if the same revision of a module already exists]'
+# `write_rockspec` command receives as an argument a name and a version with optionally a URL/PATH
+local write_rockspec_command_options=(
+	'--output=[Write the rockspec with the given filename]:FILE:_files'
+	'--license=[A license string, ]:LICENSE:{_message -e "write a license string such as "MIT/X11" or "GNU GPL v3"}'
+	'--summary=[A short one-line description summary]:SUMMARY_TEXT:{_message -e "write a short summary of the rock"}'
+	'--detailed=[A longer description string]:DETAILED_TEXT:{_message -e "write a detailed description of the rock"}'
+	'--homepage=[Project homepage]:URL:_luarocks_write_rockspec_homepage'
+	'--lua-version=[Supported Lua versions]:LUA_VER:_luarocks_version' 
+	'--rockspec-format=[Rockspec format version, such as "1.0" or "1.1"]:VER: '
+	'--tag=[Tag to use. Will attempt to extract version number from it]:TAG:__git_tag'
+	'--lib=[A comma-separated list of libraries that C files need to link to]:_luarocks_write_rockspec_lib'
+	_values -s , 

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