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[PATCH 00/25] *** Add completion for luarocks ***

From: Doron Behar <doron.behar@xxxxxxxxx>

After https://github.com/luarocks/luarocks/issues/412, I think luarocks
deserves a completion function. I hope I've put it in the right

Doron Behar (25):
  Add variables for all commands and options.
  Remove architecture related option completion.
  Add marker style comments.
  Remove variables and use their contents directly.
  Add curcontext case for every subcommand.
  Use better naming scheme for common helpers.
  Write better sub commands comments.
  Add helpers section.
  Make *all* helpers functions begin with __luarocks.
  Write all simple sub commands completions.
  General internal conventions sync.
  Finish helper `__luarocks_lua_versions`.
  General cleanup.
  Finish `_luarocks_doc` and `_luarocks_config`.
  Expand __luarocks_rock_version so it accpets args.
  Finish completions for purge and new_version.
  Write a better comment for last TODO.
  Make cache policy function safer.
  Fix git tag completion by autoloading _git
  Use a generic sub command completer.
  Use 2 spaces instead of tabs.
  Use +functions[] for all helpers.
  Improve `___luarocks_installed_rocks_cache_policy`.
  Consider `--tree` when searching installed rocks.
  Consider `--tree` in versions completion.

 Completion/Unix/Command/_luarocks | 560 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 560 insertions(+)
 create mode 100644 Completion/Unix/Command/_luarocks


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