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Re: question

On Mar 9,  6:01pm, Mircea Damian wrote:
} Subject: Re: question
} Another issue:
}  There is a problem in zsh-3.0.5 which I can't reproduce it. Sometimes, not
} very often, it happens to exit unexpectedly from my session.

Have you by any chance applied a patch for the HIST_REDUCE_BLANKS option?
The most recently posted version of that patch -- which was quite a while
ago, admittedly -- applies (IIRC) without rejections to zsh-3.0.x, but
introduces a bug that causes the shell to exit as soon as the length of
the history exactly equals HISTSIZE.  

However, I doubt that's the problem ... the only place in the code that
I can find that would print the string "logout" on the same line as the
prompt, like you showed here:

} dmircea@mail:/home/dmircea% logout

Is this bit of init.c:

	if (!(isset(IGNOREEOF) && interact)) {
#if 0
	    if (interact)
		fputs(islogin ? "logout\n" : "exit\n", stderr);
	    zexit(lastval, 0);

That would mean that (1) you've changed the `#if 0' to get that code to
compile and (2) zsh is seeing end-of-file on the terminal.  You might want
to try "setopt ignoreeof" and just to see what happens.

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