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Re: question

On Mon, Mar 09, 1998 at 02:35:37PM +0000, Geoff Wing wrote:
> Andrew Main <zefram@xxxxxxxxx> typed:
> :Mircea Damian wrote:
> :>After that if I launch zsh again the bindings are a lot shorter. I'm used
> :>to press ^A and ^E to go to the beginning of line or at the end. These
> :>sequences are not mapped anymore.
> :This sounds like you're getting the vi keymap, which will happen if you
> :have $EDITOR set to vi when zsh starts up.
> And pointing you in the right direction:  look in the manual for ``bindkey''.
> You may want to put ``bindkey -e'' at the start of your ~/.zshrc
It seems that fixed my problem.

In fact I didn't know that zsh looks in my 0 after $EDITOR
variable(which I like to set it to "vim"). Thank you!

Another issue:
 There is a problem in zsh-3.0.5 which I can't reproduce it. Sometimes, not
 very often, it happens to exit unexpectedly from my session. It seems that
it executes the commands found in .zlogout it. Last time when I saw that my
last command was: 

dmircea@mail:/home/dmircea% echo "somth";ls

The output was something like:
... {ls output} ...
dmircea@mail:/home/dmircea% logout

The last string("Logout") was printed by .zlogout with an echo command.

I use zsh-3.0.5 on a Linux 2.0.33 running on a Intel P200. Any hints?

Mircea Damian
Kappa Administrator
dmircea@xxxxxxxxx, dmircea@xxxxxx, dmircea@xxxxxxxx
MD65-RIPE, MD2225, MD1-6BONE
Phone: +40-1-7719245

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