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Re: question

Quoting Mircea Damian (dmircea@xxxxxxxxxxxxx):
> Another issue:
>  There is a problem in zsh-3.0.5 which I can't reproduce it. Sometimes, not
>  very often, it happens to exit unexpectedly from my session. It seems that
> it executes the commands found in .zlogout it. Last time when I saw that my
> last command was: 
> dmircea@mail:/home/dmircea% echo "somth";ls
> The output was something like:
> somth
> ... {ls output} ...
> dmircea@mail:/home/dmircea% logout
> Logout
> The last string("Logout") was printed by .zlogout with an echo command.
> I use zsh-3.0.5 on a Linux 2.0.33 running on a Intel P200. Any hints?

This sounds suspiciously like the problem I reported a while ago when
my xterm would mysteriously disappear as I typed. The was a message
on the screen that I didn't have time to read but I am sure the
word .zlogout was in there. I have never been able to reproduce this
but it still happens very infrequently. BTW I am using an unpatched
3.0.5 on Solaris 2.6.


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