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Re: cd ..<tab>?

On Feb 5,  6:19pm, Dennis Haney wrote:
} Bart Schaefer wrote:
} >>Is there a way to make this work properly with setopt GLOB_DOTS?
} >
} >Just make the style more specific:
} >
} >  zstyle ':completion:*:(cd|chdir|pushd|popd):*' special-dirs ..
} >
} How is that going to help me?

Apparently I misunderstood the question.  It'll help by making ".." not
be completed for commands other than "cd" et al., which was the only
way I could think of (at the time) that GLOB_DOTS could be involved.

} >You might also check the documentation for the ignore-parents style.
} >
} ignore-parent works the wrong way...


} It want to ignore '..' when it is a stupid choice.
} eg.
} mkdir Z
} cd Z/[tab]
} should NOT complete to 'cd Z/../'
} (unless CHASE_DOTS is on and 'cd Z/..' will be different from 'cd .')

This is a case where you need 'zstyle -e'.  You want the special-dirs
style to be non-empty only in certain circumstances.

This completes `..' only if the prefix is either empty, or has a leading
`.' and contains no slashes:

    zstyle -e ':completion:*' special-dirs \
        '[[ $PREFIX = (|.[^/]#) ]] && reply=(..)'

To find out that `Z/..' is not the same directory as `.' requires a bit
of extra work, which I don't have time to do just now, but you can see
how you'd just insert that into the conditions under which the reply
array is set by the style.

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