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Re: usage of zsh for profit?

In the last episode (Feb 07), Christopher Faylor said:
> Note that if you provide the Cygwin DLL, you have to make sources
> available for it as well, not just zsh.
> The cygwin buy-out would allow you to not distribute the sources for the
> DLL.  That means that you'd only have to worry about the ZSH licensing
> terms which seem pretty straightforward.
> Again, I am not advocating this.  It seems like it should be pretty easy
> to just tar up the cygwin sources for whatever you're distributing and
> include them somewhere on a CD or, alternately, be ready to provide the
> sources if someone asks for them.
> (No, just pointing to the cygwin web site isn't enough to satisfy the GPL)

I seem to remember that this IS enough, as long as you're simply
building stock zsh with stock cygwin.  It's only when you make changes
that the "you must make sources available for two years" clause really
kicks in.  I mean, how many cygwin mirrors do we really need?

	Dan Nelson

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