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Re: Completion and menu behavior

On Aug 7, 11:44pm, DervishD wrote:
> Subject: Re: Completion and menu behavior
> >Menuing is done with AUTO_MENU or MENU_COMPLETE or the `menu' style.
>     I have AUTO_MENU 'on' and I never get menus, just lists.

"Menu completion" is controlled by AUTO_MENU and is the effect you get
where typing TAB multiple times cycles through the choices, showing you
one choice on the command line each time you press TAB.  This term dates
from before zsh was able to do fancy navigation though a set of choices
displayed in columns below the command line.  The latter what is called
"menu selection" (to differentiate it from "completion").

> I think that the only way of getting menus is with zstyle (I don't
> use compinit). I say 'menu' referring to menu selection.

Unfortunately you can't say just the word "menu" and expect anyone who
has been using zsh for more than about 2 years to think of "selection",
and you'll only confuse yourself if you think "selection" when you see
the word "MENU" in a zsh option name.

This is why Sven says "menu behavior" in the Subject: is annoying.

The way to get menu selection without styles is to set the MENUSELECT
parameter, but that's deprecated when using the shell-function-based
completion system rather than compctl-based completion.

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