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Re: incremental history search

* Anthony Iano-Fletcher (2004-02-21 15:39 +0100)
> history-beginning-search-backward and history-beginning-search-forward
> were designed to repeatedly match whatever was to the left of the cursor
> with one's history. The cursor shouldn't move or else a repeated match
> would not be looking for the original prefix.

I know that, thanks. I was referring to the *special case where I
haven't typed anything and the command line is empty* and there is
*nothing to search for*. In this case "up-line-or-search" does simply
a "up-line" and moves the cursor to the end of any recalled command
line from history. "history-beginning-search-backward" does a
"up-line", too, in this case, but leaves the cursor where it was (at
the beginning of each recalled command line from history).

Both approaches are useful in certain cases but in my opinion the
dynamic movement to the end of the line is more useful because I
manipulate the end of commands more often than the beginning.


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