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Re: Coloring completions

On Thu, 15 Jul 2004, DervishD wrote:

> > When markdirs is set, the expansion of the glob appends a trailing 
> > slash to the file name, and thus the coloring code no longer 
> > recognizes it
>     Why it doesn't happen with executable names (which has an asterisk 
> added) or other kind of files? I mean, why 'listtypes' doesn't have the 
> same effect?

I think it'll become obvious if you re-read the documentation for each of
those setopts:

MARK_DIRS (-8, ksh: -X)
     Append a trailing `/' to all directory names resulting from
     filename generation (globbing).

     When listing files that are possible completions, show the type of
     each file with a trailing identifying mark.

Specifically, when you write "compadd -f *" the effect of MARK_DIRS is 
seen on the input (arguments) to compadd, but the effect of LIST_TYPES is 
seen on the output (the completion listing).  So the color matching can 
already be done _before_ LIST_TYPES is applied, but it necessarily must be 
done _after_ MARK_DIRS.

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