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Re: completion for darcs

Shouldn't it be possible to just tell zsh that when there are no
completions for an argument, it should fall back to completing files?

There are indeed many commands where I find that "smart" completion is
a nuisance. This wouldn't solve the problem for all of them, but it
would go a long way. I really don't like completion definitions that,
for instance, only let me complete files matching *.mp3. Maybe a
separate key binding for 'complete files', as is being discussed, is
still the correct solution, I don't know, but it would be nice if some
standard key binding were available in the default configuration.


On Fri, Apr 01, 2005 at 03:18:48PM +0200, Antoine Calando wrote:
> Dominic Mitchell wrote:
> > I don't know whether one exists or not, but you probably won't be able
> > to bind to Ctrl-Tab.  On all the terminals I have lying around, it
> > produces a plain tab for zsh to see.
> With X, It is possible by adding some modifications in .Xdefaults:
> *VT100.Translations:    #override\
>     Shift ~Ctrl ~Meta<Key> BackSpace: string("\033[40;2~") \n
> With the Linux console, you have to modify files used by loadkey.
> I configured my system to use ctrl+arrows to move cursor from word
> to word, or ctrl+backspace to delete a full word... it is very handy
> and I don't have to remember all that prehistoric shortcuts from
> vi/emacs ;-)
> Antoine


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